Football Stats For PDA Customize

EZ-R Stats for Excel
Excel addin for data analysis, utility functions, Benford's Law.
EZ-R Stats, LLC
Very interesting and highly customizable BitTorrent client.
Customize My Folders
Customize My Folders makes the task of changing folders to an Icon a breeze.
Camtech 2000

Football Stats for PDA Customize

PDA Stats Pocket PC Trial
Bloomsburg University Handheld Development
Offers collection & analysis of football stats on forthcoming matches.
ESBPCS-Stats for VCL Trial
ESB Consultancy
Customize Start Menu
Customize Start Menu will help you arrange Desktop environment, Start Menu and Quick Launch in blink......
Smart PC Solutions, LLC.
Football Stats
PDA Stats Palm OS
Bloomsburg University Handheld Development
Football Stat Manager
Easily track stats over multiple seasons for your football team!
Blue Pointe Software
PDA Stats Pocket PC
Bloomsburg University Handheld Development
DakStats Football Sports Software
Track play-by-play game stats with DakStats Football statistics software.
StatTrak for Football
StatTrak for Football software is a complete stats program with many options.
All-Pro Software

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Football Stats for PDA Customize

Magic Life
Freedom of action gives a lot of choices for character development.
Football ScoreBook with PDA Companion
Fixed It! Software
Multiplayer shooter with buildable vehicles.
8888888 LABS
Resampling Stats for Excel Vista
Resampling Stats
Aquascapes Collector's Edition
In this game your task is to manage and customize an aquarium.
Playrix Entertainment
Templarius Gladiator Gaming Mouse
This neat software helps you customize your Templarius Gladiator Gaming Mouse.
Aerocool Advanced Technologies Corp.
Happytime Video Overlay Filter
Happytime video overlay DirectShow filter is a powerful transform filter.
Application that adds the start button in Windows 8.
WinZip Computing International, LLC
Full customize address book
Address management program.
The Royal Software
Facebook Platinum
Allows users to customize their Facebook chat and message experience.
Funner Apps